Well that was spelunktastic.  We played in our first cave with our two new band mates, Tim Piper on drums and Lance Thomas on guitar and vocals.  The set featured tunes from The In? catalog including IZE, Pueblo, Shatter, In the Lobby and Santa Cruz and four new tunes from Lance Thomas including Tango Frustrado, Elephant Stares, Breathing Fast and Season Four Change.  We played just as day turned to night with a cool 75 degrees (or so) over our heads – a nice break from the heat.  The atmosphere of the crowd in the cave was fantastic as those entering the festival all got to slow, pause or stop on their way in to enjoy the set.  Thanks to all those who logged the trip out to Pacific to enjoy the music.  This gig represented a new direction for the band and we know there will be more gigs coming under a moniker yet to be determined and hope you will be there with us.

Here is a shot of the set and Chris and I afterwards exploring the caves.


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