Man, you would think we would know how long it takes to get to K-ville after a cumulative 8+ years experience heading up there.  However, a late start was worsened by an accident with a Fed Ex truck and then another accident.  Our hearts go out to those who were involved in those benders.

We finally made it up to the show with a fat PA and a man-sized agitation from the lead band, Ben Allison, who was patiently waiting while the fine men of Phi Mu Alpha tried to figure out sound.

The show went on as it must, and we crashed out our night with some Pancake City and the Best Western on the Southern end of town.  It was expectedly a late night but not enough to get us to Uptown Cafe until the following morning.  You know how those hotel room conversations are fueled.

Year three of the unofficial homecoming and still a good time.


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