We would like to introduce and welcome our new bass player to the mix – Joel Shedroff. Here is what Joel has to say for himself…

Growing up, my mother’s boyfriend taught me drums and guitar as a child, she put me through violin, piano and trumpet lessons. Her cousin introduced me to jazz and let me play her piano when she baby sat me. My father was big into metal and rock. My mom herself listened to everything from jazz and funk to reggae and rock, so I was exposed to a wide variety of genres growing up and as such developed an open mind in regards to music.

Having never taken the time to master any of the aforementioned instruments, I took up DJing in high school playing primarily Electronic Dance Music, but I also dabbled in hip hop before settling on playing funk as I do now. I eventually also built up some ability as a turntablist and do enjoy cutting it up on occasion.

I eventually found my calling as a bassist some years ago when my gf at the time showed me her Yamaha P-Bass she got from her brother. I had always found myself drawn to a song’s rhythm and “groove” before I’d even notice lyrics, so being able to play along with the rhythm section, and accent a song’s feel felt natural. I became obsessed with honing my technique and improving my musicality so I began studying the styles of many different bassists, from Jaco and Jamerson, to Weeks and Graham, and I can’t forget Bootsey, or Entwhistle, or John Paul Jones, or Mingus, or Wooten, Family Man, Clarke, Cox, Brown, Miller, and the list goes on. I also draw influence from a variety of guitarists and soloists, especially blues and blues rock guitarists like Hendrix, King, Clapton, and Buddy Guy.

My style is a mix of everything from funk, to blues, to rock to jazz, and my goal is to get toes tappin, heads nodding and booties shakin. Hope you enjoy my low down contributions to The In.


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