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it’s cold.

i need some more turkey.

some nice friends dropped off some succulent bird and fixings on my backporch so that i could have some leftovers. i figured ‘oh well, it’ll be fine on the backporch for a couple of hours, right?’ well no, not right. a couple big, fat, selfish possums helped themselves and
ruined thanksgiving again. now i’ve ruined my fair share of
thanksgivings (i.e the jagermesiter thanksgiving, the bar fight
thanksgiving, the U.S customs thanksgiving) but i never ate
someone’s food off the backporch. (at least not thanksgiving food) anyway at least this year i’m warm, in my gay sweater, i have good enough friends to share a plate of turkey, with the urban wildlife, and I DIDN’T ruin anyone else’s thanksgiving…so all in all, how damn lucky can you be….

still, next year i say we eat possum.



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