A travel to Steelville, IL was the order of the day. Nathan (me) being an apunctual jackass delayed the departure for 45 minutes. He (me) was apologetic for his actions and continues to be.

But there was a show to be played.

So we took 55S to some other roads (Chris {not me} was driving – so I don’t really remember the way. Even though I was in charge of holding the computer/phone device with the directions. I’ll end the parenthetical thought now). (See that was the end).

Ambient Green, who drives an old but, astute RV was parked in the back. Afterwards we attempted livations there and were successful until something occured that rewired the vibe in a way that I didn’t catch. However, I was informed of it. I attempted to set up camp, assuming we would spend the night, and scouted out a keenly placed electrical outlet the outdoor ice machine was using.

The ending part. I’m sure you are ready.

This happened when Dan and Mike said “lets blow this place” or something of that nature but of the meaning ‘lets leave’ rather than anything sexual or violent.

The ending is longer than anticipated

We made our way through dark, quiet, Southwestern Illionis. Remember that direction isses we mentioned earlier? Yes, that became an issue once more.

The short ending

We made it home.


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