The day finally came to officially release the CD. A lot of hard work went into this CD and the show, from a lot of good people. So much that I’d like to give them a big blogin’ thank you right here:

  • Nick Lowery – Bossman Studios, recording and engineering
  • Brian Clever – art director for all aspects of the album
  • John Kriecbergs – web design and press release
  • Mike Pagano – VJ Evil Che video at the show
  • Todd Painter – Keys on the album
  • Cody Aaron – Backing vox on the album
  • Leslie Silverstein – Photography on the album
  • Ed Dowd for his 12 string git-fiddle; Team Relevance – the opening band “who set em up” for us; Matt and the staff at Route 66, the kind folks at Hi-Tech Copy and of course thanks to all those who supported, came out to the show, and inspiried us through the whole process.

The show was a blast, with a full night of music and live video art projection. It was the kind of show that was not generic in any way, which is the only way we know how to roll. Let us know if you need a CD and we’ll hook you up. Happy holidays to you and yours.


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