Come and join us at the Blue Fugue tonight (9/21) and continue the party on Saturday as we headline the Ozark Renewable Energy Festival. Blue Fugue Music starts at 10PM and Saturday will be a full length concert starting at 8PM. The van is loaded full with rock to be released on Mid-Missouri this weekend. We may even teach you how to turn your car into a Bio-Friendly French Fry Mobile…ya never know.

Nathan, Mike, Dan and Chris


Ozark Renewable Energy!


Mission Statement

To create a festive atmosphere for educating the public on the availability of renewable energy technology and sustainable living techniques.


The Ozark Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Expo is a two-day, outdoor event held at a rural Missouri location open to the public. It consists of educational workshops and exhibit booths. The general theme is to inform people about renewable energy technology and sustainable living techniques most applicable to the Ozark region. The use of local resources in the most efficient and environmentally benign manner as possible is emphasized. The use of locally produced agricultural products is also a major focus. The Expo is modeled after similar events held in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa and builds on the success of the first Expo held in 2006. The knowledge and experience of organizers of these events and Expo 2006 are utilized in the planning of the Expo to help ensure success.


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