Our first stop at this noble roman empire. It was a Playback STL show and we were booked there thanks to, well, Chris, who does all the booking. It was one of those nights where you just pull out a t-shirt and write on it. I know what you are thinking, that sounds dumb, yes. However, there is sometimes great merit in exploring dumb.

The In felt confident in their set, or at least that is how they felt and how some percieved it. The boys also learned why they are supposed to play last, can you say broken van window. You probably just did, so I guess the answer is yes.

By the way if you see the In tell them they all owe me $35 bucks, except if you see me, although I guess really I do owe it too. Thanks to Laura Hamlin who made it all possible by being Ms. Playback STL, we hope to do it again sometime except on a weekend – for mucho buckos.


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