well, here we are. last day of august. the new album is soooo juicy. its a f***ing peach. mix, master, send off to robots on saturn for cloning then we”ll all have cobbler halfway through october.

big props to ‘Nasty’ Nick-Bob Lowry for being a monster in the studio for us all summer. if you havent heard of this guy check out Bossman Studios…the guy apperently retired from being a super hero, where he allegedly saved the world 12 different times over the course of 10 years, to become a recording engineer/producer….well sh*t, the world may be f***ed but our album is gonna be damn fine.

apperently one of our new paratrooper elephants has escaped from Chris’ house. They look big and mean but apparently they scare easily…word is he was last seen being chased by a group of 16 rescue chihauas about a mile east of the Delmar Loop. Please help us bring back our beloved Sebastian!

you are so cool


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