Friday will mark our last show until late September. We have been in the studio for the better part of two weeks at this point and drums and bass are largely laid down at this point. All the gears are set to churn out a long overdue album for the In? as we ramp up to close out the year. There are some really great things happening each night. Everyone is reaching out to the music to grab a perfect take out of the air.

Nathan is just starting to lay down guitar tracks and for the first time we are hearing the music start to gel.

Bottom line is you’re getting closer to a piece of the show that you can take home with you and a few less “I can’t quite tell you what they’re like’s” and a few more “Take a listen to this’s.”

More to come of course- Bossman studios and the In? are laying it down as you read this.

Love The Bigg Brass Man


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