Holy first February. Our first benefit concert to help the tsunami victims, or was it for Banglesdesh… um, no it was for Katrina survivors, wait that wasn’t it, Farm-Aid, well – now that I think about it, Habitat for Humanity that was it, ahh, shoot, lemme… thats right The Center for Survivors of Torture and War Trauma! Well actually thats not right either, it was for the International Playground (part of the CSTWT) and their youth group run by our friends Ann Farina, Magan Wiles and Mark Pagano.

Mark and Celia opened the night followed by Adhamh Roland from Riot folk, followed by us (we’re The In? in case you forgot where you were) followed by the Upright Animals (who’s drummer was sick – its going around drummers – look OUT!) followed by several beers at the bar (they are open until 3pm) followed by a gathering of friends at Celia and Mike’s house followed by us going home (OK, you get the theme of this one)

We heard Magan made $11 million dollars for the IPG kids so we were glad to be part of that.


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