The GM of Llywelyn’s Pub in Soulard, Tony Zivic, decided he’d rather have a live radio broadcast and DJ for his Marti Gras party than The In? so he cancelled our gig on Saturday, 2/17/07 which had been booked for 4 months. As a consolation prize he offered us 2/15/07, but as YOU already know we are going to be playing at Lucas School House that night for the Love-O-Rama V-Day Spectacular!!

Tony and his band of mis-informed promoters are offering false info on their website and in their bar saying we’ll be at Llywelyn’s on 2/15 so we wanted to try and clear up any schedule confusion here.

Of course, if Tony or his staff would take our calls or listen to our voice mails they would know we’ll be at Lucas on 2/15 for the best show of 2007 yet.

Just the facts.


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