A week of firsts for us, today’s first was the first time on the road. Destination Uptown Cafe, for late night omlets. We also went up there to Kirksville to play us a show and damn if we didn’t. We followed a national jazz act – a trombone-ist and he layed that bone down. Then we played, well there wasn’t any tromboning goin’ on but there was more than a peep of Progressive Americana (what a ring that has) in the room. We weren’t sure what to expect except a great time, which we had, and we had many of the local TSU folks dancin’ along, which is just the way we like it. Met a few great students up there (hello, to you great students up there).

A special F-ya to all those who road tripped from St. Louis with us including the mad Rolla heckler who was in a full formed frenzy – why don’t you go run 19 miles for cripe sake!


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