Random guy at the Loop: Hey, what band are you promoting?

The In? rep: Oh, ya, hey man The In?, they are the coolest prog rock thing going on in St. Louis right now.

Random guy at the Loop: Hey, ya know, I’ve seen their sh*t in the RFT, I heard they really bring it at their shows.

The In? rep: Totally dude, they are like a cross between progressive rock, fusion, funk and some sort of angry Jack Johnson stuff.

Random guy at the Loop: I could check that out. When are they playing next?

The In? rep: Well actually they are playing at Llywelyn’s in Soulard on Friday, September 1st at 10pm. They are going to play the whole night until close, pretty cool for an original band to bring it in that sort of format.

Random guy at the Loop: Well I’m going to have to check it out. BTW, you seem to have a lot of info for just being a random guy I met on the Loop.

The In? rep: There is an outside chance I’m in the band. Guess you’ll have to come to the show or after-party to find out for sure.

Random guy at the Loop: Diggity.


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