The band is reborn with the entrance of Mike Schurk and Dan Huck.

Mike Schurk returned from studying drums at LA Music school and reunited with Nathan through an ad for the new In? drummer in the RFT. Nathan and Mike had played together in 2003 for a stretch and on several future In? songs. Mike also played drums on the first Firebeard Studios EP production IN?.

Dan Huck and Nathan met through Mark Pagano at a Camp Jam meeting in March of 2006, just one week after Jimmy and Mike were removed from the band. “As we left the meeting and I found out Dan was a bass player, I knew in my gut I had to ask him to come out to play sometime. Something told me it was the right mix and take a chance.”

Dan, Mike, Chris and Nathan played together for the first time on March 22, 2006 at Firebeard Studios. It was a great day and a new wave. In 23 days the group would come together to play the biggest show of the band’s short history. The Pageant, April 14, 2006.


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