The festival was brought to us all by Dan Fisher and Mitch Hill in an old KOA campground renovated into what is now the Native Experience Campground. The event showcased over 30 bands on 3 stages and several hours of film. The vibe was full of peace and people having a good time with good company – not to mention a few dogs. The In? played the main stage on Friday evening just as the darkness took hold on the night and the light show hit full stride. The set contained 13 pleasing original songs including a short acoustic set with Chris on trumpet and a strong version of “Horror” and “Who Asked You.” It was hot as hell but cold beers and a sparkling pool took care of all that. Thanks to Greg, Tim, Richie and Jackson for running sound and lights. Easily the coolest venue we’ve played so far.




Blue light.


Hazy one-legged red.


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