We were chosen based on the demo we recorded for the Student Activities Board and were rehearsed and ready to play a great show. Jason helped us out by running excellent sound and providing lots of equiptment. Zack made our first real merchandise in the form of The In? t-shirts. We were selected to play first and we played “Horror” and “Contact” for 14:20, following all the rules of Battle etiquette and staying gracefully under our time.

Then followed an array of bands from good old StL, The Forest Green, Icarus, Adeline, No Such Monster, Minutes to Midnight, Kung Fu Grip, How Your Life Ends, and Dead Pirate Roberts. The second round of 5 allotted minutes started with us and we did “SOB,” fast style. This was the coolest show we have played and also the tightest we’ve sounded. We also signed our first official autographs. Two girls had us sign their skateboards, which was probably the best part of the whole sha-bang. We didn’t win, but really we did.

Nathan in yellow.

Mike in burgandy.

James Bick.

Pedro does the lead in.

In the midst of battle.

Djbuji fronts for The In?.

From up top.


End of song focus.


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